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We’re able to work with some of the world’s biggest enterprise brands thanks to the talent and drive of our team, which is why Big Bite is a people-centric employer. To attract, retain, showcase and support the brilliant minds that we have in our region, we offer more than just perks (although we like those too), and we’ve got the practices and policies to prove it.

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Enterprise WordPress news

Building blocks graphic

Build vs buy: Which is the right path for publishers?

Back when newspapers first toyed with the notion of producing online content, comprehensive digital publishing tools weren’t yet widely available, which forced many organisations to develop bespoke content management systems. Today the software landscape looks very different…

Efficiency at scale

Contents When WordPress first introduced multisite capabilities back in 2010, the powerful feature was largely met with wide praise from the online publishing community. Directly…

Efficiency at scale

Exploring the advantages of WordPress multisite networks

Industry updates

WordPress 6.2: Delving into Dolphy

A brief look at the first major platform update of the year, which includes streamlined block settings, an enhanced site editing experience, and significant performance improvements.

word press 6.1 first impressions

What’s new in WordPress 6.1

Highlights from the last major platform update of the year, which includes updated blocks, usability tweaks, and significant database improvements.

What we can expect from WordPress 6.0

Hot on the heels of the WordPress 5.9 release in January, which marked a major milestone in enabling users to create themes with blocks, plans for the next significant platform update are now underway.