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When it comes to breaking news, every second counts. Discover how we transformed digital publishing for one of the UK’s largest publishers, resulting in record-time content creation.

A digital-first transformation

Making headlines for over two centuries, The Times has a global reputation and relevance that most other titles can only aspire to, and has stayed at the forefront of its industry by constantly innovating. 

With a digital audience that’s now four times greater than its print readership, the production of super fast, high quality content is paramount, which is why Times Media recently partnered with Big Bite to transform its online publishing tools. 

The result is a headless WordPress CMS that’s driving change, inspiring journalists, and delivering a better experience to readers.

Discover how we achieved lasting impact, learn about the project’s custom editorial features, and hear from The Times team in the full case study.

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WordPress in the newsroom:
Scaling up editorial production