WordPress as an
editorial tool

From humble beginnings as a blogging tool, WordPress has evolved into the world’s most popular CMS, with over 40% of all content on the web now running on the platform. Over the last decade, it’s also become a leading publishing solution for enterprise organisations and in particular, global online newsrooms, which we explore in our latest white paper – WordPress in the newsroom: Scaling up editorial production.

Based on the experience and insights we’ve gained by enabling international publishers and national newspapers to more efficiently and effectively create content online, the white paper has been produced in-house with valuable contributions from a selection of our clients. It looks at why WordPress is fast becoming the platform of choice for broadsheets and tabloids alike, and it includes an overview of its evolution as well as a brief history of digital publishing.

#1 leading CMS used by enterprise origanisations

40% of the web powered
by WordPress

Supercharging editorial production with Gutenberg

WordPress as a Headless CMS Solution

Game-changing enterprise solution

Designed to help create media-rich pages and posts, the Gutenberg editor has fundamentally changed the way we approach designing and building enterprise websites and directly overcomes many of the key issues faced by global content creators making it an exciting solution for online newsrooms.

Similar to a design system, the editor is essentially a collection of reusable components – referred to as blocks – that can be customised to adhere to an established brand identity and assembled together to quickly and easily create web pages and posts. It offers unparalleled efficiency and scale to enterprise organisations, enabling non-technical teams to put together an entire site on a multi-site network in just a matter of days, all with uniform consistency, reducing reliance on design and development resources.

With Gutenberg, we were able to publish a breaking news story in two minutes versus five minutes in Classic WordPress. The main reason for this is the reusable blocks which have been renamed ‘The Game Changer.’

Joel Davies
Head of Editorial Operations – NewsUK / The Sun

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