Innovation, impact and integrity

Big Bite is trusted by some of the biggest brands across the globe to dramatically improve how they publish digital content, covering everything from editorial workflows to end user experience.

What we do

As an enterprise WordPress agency, we specialise in working with multi-faceted enterprise organisations that have lots of contributors, lots of content, and lots of challenges. We help them achieve their goals through scalable digital solutions and plugins, exclusively built on the WordPress platform.

This enables newsrooms, editorial teams and marketing departments to leverage the power of the world’s number one CMS, along with custom built tools, templates and publishing ecosystems that we develop to deliver a quicker, leaner and on-brand experience.

Since setting up Big Bite in 2011, we’ve long championed the advantages that WordPress offers large-scale publishers as an enterprise CMS. As a result we’re now one of the most experienced enterprise WordPress agencies in the world, with an impressive client portfolio, and we’re proudly accredited as a WordPress VIP Gold Partner. Predominantly we’re also the first to market with transformative features that enable our clients to self-build and self-publish the most engaging content for their global readerships, while saving valuable time and resources.

We take security seriously

Big Bite was the premier agency to launch an enterprise level project using Gutenberg – the game-changing WordPress block editor that enables non-technical clients to easily build modern, media-rich websites, pages and posts. In recognition of our commitment to world class data security and quality client services, we also hold two certifications regulated by the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

Paying it forward

As well as creating a growing number of employment opportunities within our region, we proudly support local talent through collaborations, contracting, and by regularly hosting Refresh Teesside – a no-pressure networking event designed to bring together Teesside’s digital, creative and tech communities. 

In 2020, we also launched our in-house training academy to help developers improve their skills sets and advance their careers with ongoing support and mentoring from our expert Engineering team. 

We also continue to collaborate on open source projects within the WordPress community, sharing our knowledge and expertise to improve web experiences across the world.

Industry updates

word press 6.1 first impressions

What’s new in WordPress 6.1

Highlights from the last major platform update of the year, which includes updated blocks, usability tweaks, and significant database improvements.

What we can expect from WordPress 6.0

Hot on the heels of the WordPress 5.9 release in January, which marked a major milestone in enabling users to create themes with blocks, plans for the next significant platform update are now underway.

Efficiency at scale

Exploring the advantages of WordPress multisite networks

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