Have your say in SOEWP 2024

Building on the success of State of Enterprise WordPress 2023, we’re inviting major brands and publishers to contribute to this year’s industry report.

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Based on a survey of over 100 prominent organisations utilising the open-source CMS – including Capgemini, New Statesman Media Group, and The Times – State of Enterprise WordPress 2023 shed light on how big brands leverage the platform and why they prefer it over other solutions. 

Released in December, the groundbreaking report delved into website monetisation strategies, and revealed that 9 out of 10 enterprises are very happy with WordPress and intend to continue using it. To expand on these insights, our 2024 survey seeks to gather additional data on usage patterns, customisation trends, budget allocations, and challenges faced by enterprise brands currently relying on WordPress. All responses will be anonymised and aggregated to ensure confidentiality, culminating in a free report that we’ll publish online towards the end of this year.

The positive outlook from the 2023 survey underscores the appeal of WordPress for large-scale organisations, with nearly three-quarters of respondents expressing a strong likelihood of recommending the platform to other big brands. While this suggests that we’ll see even more enterprises adopt WordPress in the near future, it’s crucial that we remain proactive. By issuing State of Enterprise WordPress as an annual survey and report, we’re looking to forge an ongoing dialogue with enterprise users across the world, ensuring that the broader WordPress ecosystem evolves to meet the specific needs of large-scale brands.

If you’re part of an enterprise that’s currently leveraging WordPress – or a smaller brand with an enterprise-level WordPress solution – we’d love to capture your insights and opinions in the brief 2024 survey. Visit the State of Enterprise 2024 website to take part and make your voice heard.

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