Liveblog gets the red carpet rollout

Commissioned by the New York Post, our Liveblog plugin enables reporters to publish news feeds in real-time on, creating live coverage for key events. As part of our ongoing work to extend the functionality of WordPress for newsrooms, the tool is one of the first on the WordPress platform, and made its debut to report live on the winners and runners up of the 2021 Academy Awards as each category was announced. 

Updates as they happen

Via a user-friendly screen within the publication’s enterprise CMS, journalists can quickly create, edit and publish incremental updates on an incident or occasion in real-time, giving readers ‘as it happens’ coverage in a familiar news feed format. This enables the newspaper to boost audience engagement in an increasingly competitive sector by being among the first to publish the highlights of unfolding events.

Images and media

Using the plugin, it’s also possible to add visual or further textual content to any published news snippets to deliver a richer user experience. This includes the name of the author along with a timestamp for each update, as well as images (complete with captions), videos, and a range of embedded media such as Twitter posts.

Shareable snippets

In addition, every post within a Live Blog news feed can be easily shared by readers via selected social media channels. The plugin automatically displays icons for Twitter and Facebook directly underneath each update, allowing users to post the content on their own feeds at the click of a button. Users can also choose to send news snippets to their contacts via an email option, which aims to increase the publication’s readership.