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At Big Bite, we transform online publishing for global newsrooms and content creators through the delivery of digital products, exclusively built on WordPress. 

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A WordPress.com Gold Partner

In recognition of our platform expertise, innovative product development, stringent security and best practice methods, we’re one of just 14 agencies in the world to be accredited as a WordPress VIP Gold Partner, and the only agency in the UK to hold the title. This gives us exclusive early access to the WordPress roadmap, enabling us to shape forward-thinking strategies for our clients who also benefit from a best-in-class cloud platform, expert guidance and 24/7 hands-on support. 

As early adopters of the WordPress platform as a CMS solution for large-scale organisations, we were also the first agency in the world to launch an enterprise level project using Gutenberg – the game-changing WordPress block editor that enables editorial and marketing to easily build modern, media-rich pages and posts. As well as championing the many benefits that Gutenberg offers enterprise organisations, we also continue to extend its power through the development of custom tools and innovative plugins.


Liveblog gets the red carpet rollout on NYPost

We’re always excited to release new tools on the WordPress platform, but emotions were definitely running a little higher than usual when our newly developed Liveblog plugin made its real-world debut for this year’s Oscars

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Introducing the all-new Macworld, built with Gutenberg

With user experience and quality content at the core of the IDG brand, the goal of the project was to improve on scalability, reliability and speed across multiple publications and devices.

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ISO9001 / ISO27001

Certified by the International Standards Organisation

In order to help us improve efficiency and give our clients an extra level of security, we have recently implemented not one, but two globally respected ISO standards – ISO9001 & ISO27001

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