Driving efficiencies with breakthrough publishing tools

As worldwide brands and news titles race to leverage generative AI, Times Media has emerged as an industry forerunner, successfully embracing the innovation, efficiency, and cost savings that machine learning has to offer.

By partnering up with Big Bite to craft its vision, the publisher of The Times and The Sunday Times now has AI capabilities fully embedded within its WordPress CMS, enabling it to speed up editorial production while delivering tangible value to readers and journalists. Via its new AI interface – entitled Co-pilot – the publisher has also unlocked the power of its vast news archive, seamlessly blending decades of rich content with cutting edge technology. 

Bringing together Google and WordPress, two of Times Media’s existing technology partners, Co-pilot automatically generates headline suggestions, article summaries, social media post content, and image alt text in The Times’s well-established and highly regarded tone of voice. 

Connected via Artie API – produced by X Team – the in-built solution leverages an inexpensive yet effective language learning model, enabling it to be trained across a vast array of archived articles. The result is a powerful tool that saves time, strengthens productivity, and frees up journalists to focus on creating high-value content.

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