State of enterprise WordPress

The state of enterprise WordPress 2023 is an upcoming report from Big Bite that will highlight how enterprise brands across the world are using the number one CMS.

State of enterprise WordPress 2023

WordPress is utilised by over 43% of all websites, resulting in a market share of a staggering 63% in 2023 according to W3Techs. But what makes the CMS the perfect solution for a powerful enterprise ecosystem, and how do global brands use the WordPress platform effectively?

Designed to share meaningful insights and data on how the platform best serves large-scale brands, the report will summarise findings from a survey of a wide number of global organisations that currently use WordPress as a primary CMS, secondary publishing tool, or simply to power a blog.

Questions covered as part of this survey will focus on several key areas, including budgets, publishing processes, platform strengths, user frustrations, custom functionality, infrastructure, architecture, and ongoing maintenance. It will also look at why big brands choose WordPress, and what platform improvements they’d like to see in the future.

If the premier report is well received across the WordPress community and beyond, it’s anticipated that State of enterprise WordPress will be updated and published on an annual basis.

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