Your VIP Gold Partner in the WordPress world

“One of the most important decisions you’ll make is who does your development and design work. If you haven’t already committed to a path for that, as a part of our evaluation we consider it our responsibility to make sure you land in great hands.”

WordPress VIP

As a WordPress VIP Gold Partner, we’re trusted by the world’s largest enterprise content platform to deliver bespoke solutions to some of the biggest brands in the world. As a WordPress VIP Gold Partner, we’re focused solely on custom WordPress solutions, specialising in large volume enterprise projects with an in-house team building to the exceptionally high standards expected from WordPress VIP.

Big Bite has been a WordPress VIP partner since 2015, and it’s a huge honour to be one of just nine Gold WordPress VIP partners in the world today. Last year, WordPress VIP added a selection of additional partners, and therefore tiered their recommendations into Gold and Silver. 

Our Gold partnership status is indicative of our high level of experience and our long history of sterling work on WordPress projects. Big Bite has an inherent knowledge of WordPress technology and has been on the journey with WordPress VIP as they became an outright platform. We’ve formed trusted relationships with the internal teams at WordPress, and we have direct access to WordPress as a resource. 

Big Bite was the first team globally to launch an enterprise Gutenberg project on WordPress VIP, and we’ve had the pleasure of demoing our WordPress features at the likes of WordCamp US and ONA. Nick Gernert, CEO of WordPress VIP, talks here at WordCamp US and details Big Bite’s work with News Corp as a best-in-class example of the Gutenberg Block Editor at that time.

In addition to the history and experience Big Bite has with WordPress, our Gold partnership status gives us unique access to first preview the latest WordPress VIP road map, which is something we can use to be impactful and strategic with our clients based on this valuable inside knowledge.

“I would say that Big Bite and VIP are an extension of one another. We work very closely through the co-pitching, statement of work and implementation of our clients.”

Suzi Gaiser, WordPress VIP

The stringent criteria for achieving Gold partner status includes clear product understanding, innovative strategies and successful forward-thinking in the implementation of WordPress. In addition to this, some of the things that set Big Bite apart from the other agencies that WordPress partners with, include our risk assessment procedures, project management systems, thorough testing methodologies, and exceptionally high security standards. 

Big Bite holds and maintains two ISO standards for Information Security and Quality Management, which are independently audited by Lloyd’s Register. We compliment WordPress VIP’s security features, certifications and data management processes with our measures including the implementation of dashboard restrictions, IP restrictions, Obfuscation, API hardening and encryption. 

We offer a simplified no-nonsense approach to pricing to give our clients the best value we can, given that a Gold standard of service comes at a price. As a team of industry-leading professionals, we adopt an integrated approach including consultancy, design, development and ongoing support and maintenance. Unlike most agencies, we don’t have a set list of services – we strive to be completely flexible to our client’s needs and treat each project as genuinely bespoke. 

Every aspect of a project is managed and built in-house, allowing our team to offer the kind of agile solutions, efficient troubleshooting and intimate client relationships with which most larger or dispersed agencies often struggle. Our adventurous team pushes each project’s potential as far as possible by embracing the best new tools, technology and processes to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

You can learn more about WordPress VIP partners here, and you can reach out to us at Big Bite to discuss your enterprise-level needs.