State of enterprise WordPress 2023

A new report is underway to look at why a growing number of large-scale enterprises are leveraging the power of the world’s number one CMS.


WordPress has evolved into a leading CMS for big brands, but exactly how and why are enterprises making use of the platform? To find out, we’re currently working on a new report that will share unique insights into the many ways that WordPress best serves large-scale organisations.

The State of enterprise WordPress 2023 report, which is set to be published later this year, will summarise findings from a survey of enterprises that currently use WordPress as either a primary CMS, secondary publishing tool, or simply to power a blog. As well as focusing on key areas such as budgets, publishing processes, and custom functionality, the survey includes questions on why some of the world’s biggest names choose WordPress, and what improvements they’d like to see over the longer term. We anticipate that the results will not only give the wider WordPress community a stronger understanding of the needs and requirements of enterprise organisations, but could also shape future features and platform updates.

WordPress remains to be an incredibly powerful tool for bloggers and small businesses, and in more recent years it’s also established itself as a top choice for huge publishers and corporations. Although we have a clear view of why that’s the case for the global enterprises that we directly work with, we’re keen to uncover the pros and cons for a much broader number of organisations, and to share that information across our industry. 

The survey is currently open to all enterprise brands that use the platform, as well as smaller organisations with an enterprise-level WordPress solution. All collected data is completely confidential, and will be aggregated and anonymised for the report which will be freely available once published.

View the survey here:

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