Introducing Collage Creator

Find out how the latest plugin we developed on behalf of the New York Post provides native image management for global newsrooms.


Following on from the success of our Liveblog tool earlier this year, we’re pleased to announce the completion of our latest WordPress plugin – Collage Creator. Designed and developed on behalf of the New York Post, the new image management tool enables its digital newsroom to quickly and easily create composites of multiple images to accompany published articles.

With Collage Creator, editorial teams can put together collage images in a wide range of layouts, all within the WordPress CMS used to manage This not only massively reduces reliance on the newspaper’s photo desk and external imaging software, it also helps to speed up the content creation process for one of America’s longest running newspapers. 

Via the tool’s intuitive interface, users can select an initial layout for a collage from an extensive list of preset templates, and then populate it by adding an image into each section of the layout grid. They can also create a custom crop of every image they insert into a collage, repositioning and zooming in as required, and the tool gives them a live preview of any changes made so they can see the finished result at a glance before committing to any adjustments. In addition, Collage Creator can be used to overlay smaller images in various shapes on top of a single image or collage. Custom crops can also be applied to overlaid images, and each overlay can be easily snapped into the ideal position using a nine point grid. 

Finished collages can be saved into the media library, or immediately added to a post or the homepage, and with Collage Creator a user can quickly add relevant meta values including a title, alt text, caption, description and image credit.

The new plugin is now live and being used on daily basis by the New York Post’s editorial team – see the results at

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