White paper – Implementing a design system into WordPress

Learn about the benefits of building a product to make design scalable, and how it transformed digital publishing for the Octopus Group.

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In our white paper, we explore the process, and the benefits, of implementing a design system into the component-based WordPress editor, Gutenberg, using a recent project as our case study.

In the white paper we cover;

  • The importance of establishing a company brand and how a design system can be the key to managing your brand’s assets.
  • What a design system is, why you should build one, and how it can make the process of design and development scalable.
  • The impact of using a design system in WordPress, highlighted by our work with Octopus Group.
  • How we implemented a design system into WordPress’s Gutenberg Editor and how our enterprise-level client now reaps the benefits.

This white paper is aimed at design teams, marketing teams, senior-level managers, directors, product owners and product leads at enterprise-level companies. 


  • Sarah McCormick, COO – Big Bite
  • Jonny Waters, Head of Design & UX – Big Bite
  • Phil Saunders, Head of Client Services – Big Bite
  • Alan Grehan, Head of UX & Design – Octopus
  • Ben Shelford, Designer – Octopus

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