Breaking free: WordPress and the best-of-breed advantage

Enabling enterprises to move away from the constraints of best-in-suite functionality, WordPress stands out as a CMS powerhouse, seamlessly integrating with diverse software for optimal performance. Here we highlight the key advantages of choosing a platform that gives you access to best-of-breed features.


The launch of the WordPress REST API in 2016 marked a fundamental shift in how WordPress websites and applications could be developed, allowing for more dynamic and interactive experiences. As well as paving the way for headless architecture, the introduction of the API meant that it became significantly easier to integrate the world’s number one CMS with other systems, applications and services, propelling the platform into a leading solution for large-scale organisations. 

While all-in-one platforms aim to be all things to all people, such an approach often means that organisations are forced to compromise when it comes to key areas of functionality. As the more commercially-focused alternative, WordPress smoothly links with everything from world class marketing tech and CRM systems, to translation tools and payment gateways. This not only gives enterprises the freedom to choose the solutions that are right for their business, but also ensures they can maintain a cutting edge, customised tech stack that aligns precisely with their unique business needs.


Rather than be locked into using a rigid feature set, WordPress empowers organisations to seamlessly evolve with changing requirements. Crucial in the dynamic realm of digital publishing, this adaptability ensures enterprises can stay agile and responsive, with the ability to choose and switch between the software systems that best meet current business goals. Importantly, it also means enterprises are free from covering the cost of features they no longer or never needed.


Unlike suite solutions that often prioritise internal cohesion over external compatibility, WordPress is able to work harmoniously within an enterprise’s existing tech ecosystem. This interoperability facilitates efficient data exchange, allowing organisations to leverage the strengths of various tools and technologies simultaneously.

WordPress for Enterprise

Big Bite has joined forces with a cohort of leading WordPress agencies to create a new groundbreaking guide for enterprise organisations.


While all-in-one platforms face challenges when keeping up with the rapid pace of tech innovation across various areas, WordPress can swiftly incorporate the latest advancements. For enterprises, this can mean faster adoption of emerging trends and tools such as generative AI, delivering a better experience and maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


By their very definition, best-of-breed features enable enterprises to leverage the most powerful, reliable, and efficient tools available within their industry, versus best-in-suite counterparts that are unlikely to have access to the same level of expertise, resources and investment. As a result, enterprises that leverage WordPress can benefit from a much more robust tech solution, utilising the leading technologies available today.

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