DE{CODE} 2024: Save your spot

Big Bite is proudly sponsoring DE{CODE} – the biggest WordPress development event of the year. Exploring next gen trends and technologies, the virtual conference will be jam-packed with expert insights, so we caught up with Lexi Mostek at WP Engine – the organisers behind the event – to find out what attendees can expect.


When WP Engine launched DE{CODE} at the start of 2020, what were you looking to achieve?

DE{CODE} was created as a developer-centric conference to offer a wide array of educational sessions that are tailored to developers specifically. We know in the world of WordPress and coding there’s so much to learn, and we’ve made it our goal to have a developer-first, always virtual event where you can come learn, network and see what WP Engine has to offer.  

What has been its biggest success story so far? 

I think the sheer popularity of DE{CODE} over the last four years is its true success story. We started this virtual event before Covid, so before virtual events were a thing, because we know it’s hard for agency and brand developers to take time off and also how expensive it is to travel – so we decided to create this give-back event where we talk about WP Engine, but also tons of industry topics and make it virtual so you can attend from anywhere! In addition, the conference has evolved and we offer it at three different time zones (North America, EMEA and APAC) so that you can view it at a time that suits you and your working hours! 

When we started the event we had no idea it was going to grow into. In its first year we saw just over 2,000 registrants across our 12 sessions. This year we’re on track to hit over 10,000 registrants, 40+ speakers and over 16 sessions. 

How do you choose themes and speakers to ensure the event offers a huge range of info?

This is no easy task – planning for this event takes well over half a year and we aim to pick topics and speakers from across the industry that deliver something interesting but also have something new to say at DE{CODE}. Our internal research consisted of looking high and low to see what developers were searching for and what tools they need in 2024 to make their jobs easier. 

How has the event evolved over the years?

When the event started we were definitely trying to find our place as a thought leader and providing the best educational content we could, but over the last few years we started outsourcing a lot – we are only as good as our own products and we know our customers (agencies and brands) have stories and expertise they’re willing to share. You’ll definitely see this in 2024 as we showcase these external voices as part of DE{CODE}’s agenda line up. 

What are the key themes and highlights of this year’s event?

The theme we want you to walk away with is that WP Engine and WordPress have made it easier than ever to build more, build faster and meet consumer demands. Our key findings include CMS adaptability and WordPress Growth, the rise of headless WordPress and our acknowledgement that open source’s growing appeal is highlighted more than ever. 

What can attendees expect to gain by taking part?

Expect a bigger conference than ever before – more keynotes, more guest speakers, more exclusive offers, and some product and feature rollouts you don’t want to miss. Please save your spot – we cannot wait to see you there! 

DE{CODE} 2024 will be held virtually on March 21st – click here for a full rundown of the event and to reserve your free place

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