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In a groundbreaking report, we reveal findings from our new annual survey to highlight how major brands and publishers are leveraging WordPress.


Over the last decade, WordPress has been adopted by a growing number of enterprise organisations, but what persuaded them to move across to the platform and has it lived up to their expectations? To find out, we launched a new survey earlier this year specifically targeted towards large-scale organisations, with the aim of building an even stronger understanding of the enterprise WordPress landscape.

With support from our friends at WordPress VIP, WP Engine, Pantheon and Altis, as well as a number of fellow enterprise WordPress agencies, the survey has since been completed by over 100 well-known brands across the globe including Gumtree, New Statesman Media Group, and The Times. Uncovering a wealth of insights, the results provide an up-to-date snapshot of how enterprise brands are utilising the platform, why they initially chose WordPress, and how they’d like to see it extended in the future. Key takeaways include:

  • 91% of enterprises are happy with WordPress, and will continue to use the platform
  • Functionality and usability trumps cost when choosing a CMS
  • Only 14% of enterprise brands use WordPress to produce blogs

To share the full findings, we’ve now published State of enterprise WordPress 2023 – a first-of-its-kind report that summarises the survey’s results and features anonymised and aggregated data. Covering everything from how much organisations spend on monthly hosting, right through to whether or not they’d recommend WordPress to others, the report aims to give the wider WordPress community an insider glimpse into the needs and requirements of enterprise organisations, and potentially even shape future features and platform updates.

State of enterprise WordPress 2023 is now available to read online  – head over to soewp.com

WordPress for Enterprise

Big Bite has joined forces with a cohort of leading WordPress agencies to create a new groundbreaking guide for enterprise organisations.

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