WordPress for enterprise: Insider insights for big brands and publishers

Big Bite has joined forces with a cohort of leading WordPress agencies to create a new groundbreaking guide for enterprise organisations.


WordPress for enterprise: A guide for prospective buyers looks at how the platform has evolved from a blogging tool into a scalable CMS for large-scale publishers. Alongside a series of insights and opinions from the Big Bite team and our industry colleagues at 10up, Alley, Human Made, Inpsyde, and XWP, the guide also features additional contributions from Google and WordPress VIP.

Despite being the number one CMS, many people still associate WordPress solely with bloggers and small businesses, and are surprised to learn that it powers sites for some of the biggest brands on the planet. By coming together to create this guide, we’re aiming to change that perception and highlight the many advantages it offers to enterprise organisations that have lots of contributors, lots of content, and lots of challenges.

Far from being a hard-sell document, the guide offers an open overview of the platform in a conversational style, making it accessible to anyone who’s interested in learning more about the CMS. Covering strengths and weaknesses, it also provides an honest look at how the platform can be extended to meet present and future publishing needs.

While smaller brands are able to switch CMS platforms fairly easily, for large-scale enterprises it’s often a major undertaking, so we hope this guide makes the decision process much easier for those exploring open source options. As champions of the platform, we believe that WordPress is the most competitive CMS on the market today, which is why it’s relied on by huge household names, titles and organisations such as The Times, Amnesty International, and the V&A.

After months of interviews and editing, the guide is now available to download – click here to get your free copy and find out why a growing number of enterprise organisations are choosing WordPress.

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