Liveblog gets the red carpet rollout on NYPost

We’re always excited to release new tools on the WordPress platform, but emotions were definitely running a little higher than usual when our newly developed Liveblog plugin made its real-world debut for this year’s Oscars.


The New York Post – one of America’s longest running newspapers – recently commissioned us to build a Liveblog WordPress plugin, enabling its reporters to quickly and easily publish updates in real-time on, which is viewed by over 100million people each month. Delighted with the finished product, the New York Post used the publishing tool for the first time on 26th April 2021 to report live on the winners and runners up of the 2021 Academy Awards as each category was announced. 

The new Liveblog plugin is the first feature of its kind to be built with the Gutenberg editor, making it another digital innovation from Big Bite that we’re truly proud of, and a fitting solution for a newspaper that has pioneered online publishing since launching its site way back in 1996. As well as allowing writers to share ‘as it happens’ news in a feed format, perfect for fast-paced events like the Oscars, the feature also enables readers to share snippets via Twitter, Facebook or email at the click of a button. 

Although the Oscars ceremony itself was a bit less polished this year as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and format changes, we’re pleased to report that Liveblog ran flawlessly throughout the event and has been really well received. It’s anticipated that the new tool will also soon be adopted by many of the New York Post’s stablemates, which include The Sun, The Times, and The Wall Street Journal. 

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