Introducing the all-new Macworld, built with Gutenberg

By collaborating with Big Bite, the world’s biggest tech media company recently consolidated its digital content and improved scalablity, reliablity and speed.



Just over 12 months ago our team made the final trip of 2020 to London to meet with the world’s leading technology media, data and marketing services company, IDG. Since then, there has been a huge shift in the way companies have had to adapt to COVID restrictions, including remote working, but one thing has remained, and that is our team’s dedication to building truly awesome solutions with WordPress.

Fast forward to March 2021, and we’re thrilled to have marked the beginning of a new digital-first era for IDG, with the launch of the brand new Macworld website.

IDG brings together ten global brands specialising in the production of content across both B2B and B2C audiences. Millions of readers place trust in the household publications, which include PCWorld, Macworld and TechHive to name a few, for product reviews, buying advice and event insights.

With user experience and quality content at the core of the IDG brand, the goal of the project was to improve on scalability, reliability and speed across multiple publications and devices. In addition to improving the IDG ecosystem with a new multisite setup on the WordPress VIP platform, also boasts a new layout, improved navigation, and a fresh typeface.

As a leading publisher of all things Apple, the editorial team required a powerful editorial experience that enabled them to quickly create dynamic content including advice articles, expert opinion features and product reviews. Utilising the Gutenberg editor, we created a number of custom editorial blocks in order to display live product prices from affiliated partners, product comparisons as well as enhanced image management tools.

In addition, and to bring IDG’s vast wealth of content into a single enterprise-level solution, a global content hub has been developed which allows editors to quickly create an article and publish it to any site within the IDG network, as well as the ability to share media library assets across the group, improving the speed of publishing. In addition to creating this content hub, over 85,000 posts, images and legacy content was migrated into the hub prior to launch. 

To mark the launch of the new website, the team published a blog which can be found here, as well as a podcast which can be found on the Macworld site here too. 

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