Disrupting the Enterprise: A showcase of our work at WordCamp US

After enabling one of the world’s largest publishers to streamline its content management, we were delighted to see our efforts cited as best practice at the most recent WordPress conference.

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We’ve just returned from the annual WordCamp US conference in St Louis, where hundreds of WordPress evangelists, digital agencies, and global enterprise clients came together to explore the future of the WordPress platform.

We’re humbled to work with some of the world’s biggest publishers to streamline editorial workflows and maximize internal efficiency, and we were thrilled to see some of that work highlighted in WordPress VIP CEO Nick Gernert’s talk, Disrupting the Enterprise, which is well worth a watch if you missed it.

To help showcase the tangible benefits of WordPress solutions for enterprise, the talk included demonstrations of how our work with Gutenburg and News Corp is already streamlining content management and helping build the digital newsrooms of tomorrow through the NewsPress initiative.

The success of NewsPress

News Corp remains one of the biggest publishers across the globe with various titles under it’s brand, and that means that it also faces some of the single biggest challenges when it comes to streamlining content management, reacting to breaking news, and keeping up with technological innovations that keep the newsrooms producing content. The NewsPress initiative is transforming the way that internal teams work, from writing and editing to publishing content, thanks to a suite of newsroom tools and plugins built by a small handful of leading WordPress development agencies.

Our team has been working predominantly with The Times and The Sunday Times to build a suite of tools that will allow teams to be more reactive than ever in a competitive industry where every second counts. Our products and plugins are continuing to change the way that the teams across News Corp react to breaking news, and update existing news articles.

The Future of Enterprise

As our work with News Corp and other leaders in the publishing industry and beyond continues, the future is bright for WordPress in the enterprise world. The flexibility, agility, ownership, and simplicity it can offer promises to help move the web from the monolithic models of old to increasingly exciting and efficient ways of publishing information and doing business. Enterprise is increasingly embracing that change as they plan for the future and recognise the benefits of the work being done.

Nowhere was that better demonstrated than in WordCamp US recently, which is why we were proud to play a part in it.

Head over to the WordPress VIP website to watch Nick’s talk.

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