Big Bite’s custom WordPress tools showcased at ONA19

Last week saw one of biggest events in the publishing industry’s calendar celebrate its 20th anniversary in New Orleans, and although we couldn’t be there, we were thrilled to have some of our most recent work for News Corp showcased at the event.


ONA19, which is organised by The Online News Association, brings together some of the most innovative minds in digital media, including journalists, media executives, product teams, entrepreneurs and educators to share knowledge and champion good content.

The event gives people the chance to learn and network with fellow people within the publishing community, which ranges from experienced veterans at international news outlets to representatives from major tech companies to those just getting started in their media careers.

Following last year’s ‘Future of Gutenberg’ session which showcased our content creation solution for Amnesty International, the VIP team delivered a further session at this year’s event titled ‘Rapid evolution of content creation in WordPress: the best of the new block editor’. The session was focused on highlighting the new WordPress block editor to streamline workflows and impact content creation, including showcasing News Corp’s NewsPress suite of plugins and other current examples of bespoke plugin and functionality development in the enterprise landscape.

Our custom workflow development for News Corp has made a significant impact in the evolution to a digital first newsroom, and continues to improve the way editors and editorial teams react, create and publish news. The initiative, named NewsPress, is set to increase the pace of technological innovation and amplify the return on global platform investments by allowing numerous editorial platforms to take advantage of the suite of plugins.

The NewsPress multi-title tool

Our key goal for the project was to remove any friction points within the content creation workflow, allowing authors and editors to streamline processes allowing them to focus completely on producing cutting edge content for both scheduled posts and breaking news stories. 

With an array of prestigious publishing titles including The New York Post, The Times and The Wall Street Journal held under the News Corp brand, the tools will provide an additional level of efficiency and streamlined processes to each content team spread across publications worldwide. The valuable newsroom tools includes a wide range of functionality to strengthen the editorial workflow, including predefined page scaffolding, a revisions history plugin, related content functionality and a multi-title support tool, to name just a few.

The full session is now available as an audio file on the ONA19 website, at

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