Introducing, Benenson – a Gutenberg WordPress theme

One of the most anticipated updates to the WordPress platform this year has been the introduction of the new block-based editor, Gutenberg.


Named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press with movable type more than 500 years ago, the new editor experience is based on blocks, making a modular site possible without the need of plugins.

Back in September, WP Tavern published news on our work with the world’s leading human rights organisation, Amnesty International. The project has seen us develop a core theme, which can be used by Amnesty International to create multiple sites quickly and efficiently, allowing Amnesty to be reactive to the ever growing needs of their work, while holding on to a core identity that unifies each region, and giving them credibility.

Fast-forward a few months, and three sites are now live on the new theme for Amnesty. We’re also super proud to announce that we have also launched the full theme as an open-source project with support from the Amnesty movement, including all of the custom blocks built with Gutenberg.

The launch coincides with the launch of WordPress 5.0, which is scheduled for later today.

With modern designs and robust functionality, Benenson – which takes it’s name from the founder of the human rights charity – has been built to encourage contribution throughout the WordPress community, to help Amnesty International reach their goal of having a single reusable framework that the whole movement can use. This will allow them to focus on giving their supporters the best possible experience in finding and acting upon the issues that truly matter to them.

Benenson home page screenshot

Content is at the heart of the open-source Benenson theme, with the ability to create truly stunning websites faster than ever before. The user-friendly interface allows users to effectively showcase various types of content and add additional blocks to encourage interaction with the reader, including call to action buttons and social shares.

We’re really happy with the new theme, but we’re not quite done yet – we’re keen to continue improving Benenson to make things even more effective and efficient for Amnesty International and other users. For more information, and to view a demo of the theme, go to or head over to GitHub.

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