Investing in Gutenberg with Amnesty International

We are so proud to announce that our latest project is with the incredible, world impacting, Amnesty International.


What a privilege it is to help this fantastic charity communicate their vision and expand their reach.

For those of you who do not know what Amnesty do, Amnesty International is a Nobel Peace Prize winner for their life saving work. They are a global movement that began as a grassroots human rights organisation and now it is made up of over 7 million people. At their core, people matter; standing up for all people, from all nations,“wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.”

What an inspiring and humbling organization to work with, and as you imagine, they are genuinely lovely people.

So when the opportunity came up to work with them, how could we let it pass us by? We worked hard to show them we were indeed the right people to trust with their new project.

What is the project?

This project is exactly the type that will help us explore the capabilities of Gutenburg, while impacting the WordPress community. The goal of the project is to build a core ‘theme’, which can be used by Amnesty International to create multiple sites quickly and efficiently. This allows Amnesty to be reactive to the ever growing needs of their work, while holding on to a core identity that unifies each region, and giving them credibility.

As part of this project we will provide full support in launching the first site in September, replacing Amnesty International European Institutions Office.

This project is important to us, due to Gutenberg being new, which is fundamentally going to change how WordPress works. We are committed to supporting and building tools to guarantee the success of the project. The WordPress community is one we are proud to be a part of and we take our contribution to that community seriously. ​This project is supported by a research and development team, and with permission from Amnesty International, large parts of the project will be open-sourced. Stay tuned for follow up blog posts detailing how we tackled the project. All of the information will be produced in partnership with Amnesty International and presented as a collaboration project.

We realise that what we are building will have a huge positive impact on Amnesty and the work they do, but we wanted to understand why it is important to them, so we asked them;

Amnesty international, like many large global organisations, continually needs new websites, microsites and web rebuilds to appeal to various region and campaign specific audiences. Ninety nine percent of the time they require variations of the same things, i.e. layouts, functions and tools.

Having a single reusable framework means the whole Amnesty movement can cut overheads for each new build whilst ensuring brand, user experience and web standards are always consistent. By concentrating our future efforts into a single platform we’ll also be able to push updates and improvements to all sites on the platform. This will allow us to focus our efforts on producing great content and giving our supporters the best possible experience in finding and acting upon the issues that matter to them.

Kevin Hartzenberg – Senior UX Designer

This partnership allows us to invest in our communities in meaningful ways, that will hopefully impact people in positive ways, while investing in both companies’ legacies. After all, People Matter!

Head over to the WordPress VIP website for a sneak peek into the project!

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