What’s next for Liveblog from BigWP London

Last week we were privileged to be invited back to speak at Big WP hosted at Twitter UK.


Big WP is a gathering of some of the most exciting people working with WordPress at enterprise scale. That means big names, big brands, and a look behind the scenes at some of the highest traffic, and highest profile WordPress sites on the web. Joining us in the lineup were some fantastic talks from Automattic, CapGemini and Sotic. You can read more about these talks here:

Gutenberg at BigWP London, by Tammie Lister, Automattic
Capgemini’s Move from Drupal to WordPress. by Parker Ward, Capgemini
The WordPress Tool Set Powering the Lions Tour, by Dan Drave, Sotic

Jason’s talk focused around Liveblog v2 from a technical perspective. Initially covering the use cases of a Liveblog followed by some of the current issues in the plugins current state. Then moving on to discuss how the latest release tackles some of the performance bottlenecks of the original plugin, and how using React, Redux and RxJS Observables simplifies the overall build.

Here is a snippet of Jason’s talk, which covers some of the immediate goals of the plugin with the 1.7 release — due to be launched very soon. The full video of his talk will also be available soon.

At this end of his talk, Jason also invited suggestions from the audience on what the future roadmap of the plugin should include; so, if you have any ideas, we would love to hear from you.

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