We’re hiring! But not in the usual way…

Big Bite is looking for talented developers to join our team, but here’s the really interesting bit… we don’t care about your CV.


Here at Big Bite we don’t put a lot of importance on fancy job titles or even academic qualifications. We operate in the real world and want to hear about the real you. The things you’re really passionate about, the personal projects that keep you coding late into the night because you want them to be just right, not just what you think we want to hear.

So give us your GitHub, show off your passion projects, and tell us about your technical triumphs. If you don’t already have a GitHub account it’s free, easy to set up, and a great way to show off your stuff, as well as being pretty standard for our industry. Here’s my GitHub page as an example, but keep in mind that we looking for quality and interesting ideas rather than quantity.

We don’t expect you do have built the next Facebook or cracked middle-out compression at Pied Piper. We’re more interested in people who experiment and create because they love to. People whose talent is matched by their interest. People who code for pleasure, not just for profit. People who know their limitations, but learn fast. Still not sure what we mean? Well here’s an example of a project that I put together in just over a day, but we now use here at Big Bite.

Big Bite has built an international reputation from the heart of Middlesbrough’s tech-obsessed Boho Zone. We work with ambitious startups and international organisations, tech pioneers and digital publishers, all as a result of the work done by our dedicated team.

You may even already use one of our recent apps in collaboration with the Metro newspaper – the acclaimed personalised football news app 11versus11, which you can read more about here.

Whether it’s our WordPress development as one of twelve WordPress.com VIP partners or our open-source projects, they all start in the imaginations of our developers. So if you have experience in, or a passion for, any of the following we want to hear from you:

  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Laravel
  • Sass
  • Flexbox
  • JavaScript
  • React/React Native

So if you want to work on exciting projects, with interesting clients, and join a growing team then get in touch via work@bigbite.net. Remember, we don’t want a CV – just a friendly message, your GitHub page, and a little bit about you and what you can bring to the team.

Oh, and if you’re a recruiter and have made it this far – thanks for reading but this isn’t for you. We want to hear from our candidates directly, in their own words and with their own work.

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