Why we’re thrilled to partner with ZURB

We’re always looking to work with the brightest and most interesting people in the industry here at Big Bite, which is why we couldn’t be happier to announce that we’ll be partnering with the lovely people at ZURB.

Who are ZURB?

Really, you have to ask that question? ZURB are a design obsessed powerhouse whose clients range from Facebook and eBay to Netflix and Britney Spears. Their team of talented product designers help everyone from startups to industry giants design better digital products and services. The chances are high that you’ve already used a product designed with ZURB’s help, and even if not you’ve certainly used a site or app built on their front-end framework Foundation.

What is Foundation?

Put simply, Foundation is the world’s best front-end framework for anyone who values responsive design. Smart enough to tackle any challenge, flexible enough for any project, and customisable enough to suit any brief, it’s built more than just websites and apps. It’s built an impressive following and a buzzing community amongst millions of designers the world over.

Why are Big Bite & ZURB a great fit?

We’ve gotten along ever since our first meeting in their sunny California offices back in September of 2014. Our work speaks for itself of course, but the similarity between our companies isn’t just skin deep.

We both pride ourselves on being close-knit teams of dedicated experts, being unafraid to tackle problems from unusual angles, and creating a company culture that gives back to the bigger community, whether through training, open-source, or local events.

What does this mean for clients?

With their unrivalled design acumen and our reputation for world-class WordPress development, as well as our WordPress VIP partner status, clients can expect the best of both worlds. Top notch design and front-end services from ZURB and some of the best back-end development money can buy from us here at Big Bite.

Naturally Big Bite clients don’t have to use ZURB or vice versa, but whether you’re an ambitious startup or a global tech-focussed organisation we can both vouch for the fact that you’ll be hard pushed to find a better full-service partnership anywhere else.

Any Questions?

Whether you’re just curious, have a question, or have a project that would be a perfect fit for our partnership, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

ZURB Foundation Certified Partner