Launching RSSUnify

Earlier this year we took on the task of redesigning and relaunching a number of RSS MailChimp email newsletters for one of our clients Remodelista to help bring their email presence inline with their new site we launched in January this year.

The primary focus being to create several customisable templates that could be used across a variety of subjects, on multiple sites and with varying amounts of content. Building them out using the wonderful Foundation for Emails by our friends over at Zurb, allowing us to keep them looking consistent across a range of email clients.

The newsletters that were being sent out to over 50k subscribers, were primarily comprised of feeds generated for different content tags. For example; Kitchens, Bathrooms and Living Room feeds might be combined into a single weekly Remodeling newsletter. Previously, Remodelista would combine the RSS feeds themselves and drop the result into MailChimp.

However, this method resulted in any inline CSS styling being stripped out from the combined feed. Therefore we took it upon ourselves to build a dedicated tool for the job. After developing it, we realised that others might be facing the same issue, so we made the decision to take the tool one step further and launch it as a standalone tool for anybody to use.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that RSSUnify is now available for free to help you create unified feeds from multiple RSS sources. It will generate W3C validated RSS feeds, ready to work with popular email tools, such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.