Guilty Pleasures Launch: the new app with Metro UK

We’re thrilled to to be launching our newest app in collaboration with Metro newspaper, Guilty Pleasures, offering the latest showbiz gossip and entertainment news in bite-sized servings.

Perfect for those dull moments or a quick hit of celebrity news to break up the workday, each edition gathers ten of the juiciest articles from the best, most reliable sources on the web. If users can’t get enough then all the need to do is load a new edition for more up to the minute articles.

Offline reading means that users can get their fix of fame anytime, anywhere, as well as rate the articles they read in order to receive content tailored to their tastes. Plus, users who discover a piece of gossip just too good to keep to themselves can save, share, and recommend content across social media with their friends and colleagues.

Guilty Pleasures is already featured by Apple in the “Hot This Week” category and is available to download for free on both iOS and Android right now.

Guilty Pleasures: Behind The Scenes

As the second commercial app built in collaboration with Metro newspaper, Guilty Pleasures builds on the foundation created for the already hugely popular 11versus11 personalised football news app. We’ll just be covering the basics on how Guilty Pleasures was built and the new features that it boasts here, but for a more detailed account of how we’re building commercial cross-platform apps you can read our article one 11versus11.

Guilty Pleasures is just one of a series of apps we’re building and as a result is rooted in WordPress Multisite, allowing incredibly efficient development across multiple apps that make for significant cost savings for clients while our team don’t have to repeat themselves. Combine that with a custom built-for-purpose API – of which you can explore a simplified version and you have a framework that’s as flexible as it efficient.

To ensure the broadest user base possible cross-platform functionality is essential and so Guilty Pleasures, like 11versus11 before it, was built in React Native. Thanks to its “learn once, write anywhere” philosophy small teams can build impressive projects using skills transferable from the web-based React, as well as a little wizardry in Java and Objective C, in just a few weeks.

Want to delve deeper into React Native’s cross-platform benefits? You’ll find an example in our article Building Cross-Platform React Native Components.

Guilty Pleasures also accommodates unobtrusive advertising that doesn’t derail a great user experience and now boasts the ability to embed video and more, allowing for everything from red carpet footage to news roundups in line with the way that entertainment news is increasingly consumed.

What The Future Holds

After the success of 11versus11, and our confidence that Guilty Pleasures will achieve the same, it seems clear that this a model that will continue to work for users, clients, and developers alike. Considerable time and cost savings combined with an uncompromised user experience and the relative ease of building additional apps ensure the traditionally difficult and expensive process of app-building will soon be a thing of the past. We can’t wait and are already looking forward toward future apps.