Big Bite launches worldwide Amnesty International project built with Gutenberg

It’s been a busy few months at Big Bite – we’ve been awarded two ISO accreditations, attended numerous events and have also been named best small business at the North East Business Awards just last month, but behind the scenes we’ve continued to develop innovative WordPress solutions for our clients, including the launch of a core WordPress theme for the world’s leading human rights movement, Amnesty International.

The new theme will allow Amnesty International to create multiple websites quickly and efficiently using WordPress, while holding on to a core identity that unifies each region.

The first sites have successfully launched in Puerto Rico, Mali and at, with Amnesty Indonesia set to launch this month and a further 10 websites due to be launched using the theme in the coming months.

We worked with VIP to provide Amnesty International (the International Secretariat) with the tools to create multiple sites for their various campaigns and regional offices across the world.

“Working with the Amnesty movement has been a really exciting process for myself and the team. To work with such an inspiring and aspirational group of people and to help them become more efficient with their web presence has been really rewarding”

Iain McPherson, Big Bite

This is just one of many global projects to have been completed in the past 12 months, following the launch of an innovative mobile app for one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world in August 2018. Both of these projects have been built using the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg.

The theme has been built using a variety of prompts, custom blocks, nested blocks, and predefined styles. While the new editor is currently being used on a number of exciting projects across the WordPress development community, the global scale of the Amnesty International project will make it one of the largest Gutenberg-built applications to date, and a powerful demonstration of the new editor’s versatility for large scale projects.

“Having a reusable framework means the whole Amnesty movement can cut overheads for each new build whilst ensuring brand, user experience and web standards are always consistent. By concentrating our future efforts into fewer platforms we’ll also be able to push updates and improvements to more users. This will allow us to focus our efforts on producing great content and giving our supporters the best possible experience in finding and acting upon the issues that matter to them”

Kevin Hartezberg, Lead UX Designer at Amnesty International.

We have also launched Amnesty International’s full theme as an open-source project, which includes all of the custom Gutenberg blocks. Named after the founder of the human rights group, Benenson is an open-source WordPress theme built using Gutenberg.

The theme has been built to encourage contribution throughout the WordPress community, to help Amnesty International reach it’s goal of having a single reusable framework that the whole movement can use. This will allow them to focus on giving their supporters the best possible experience in finding and acting upon the issues that matter to them.

For more information on the open-source theme, visit