Email Empowered: The Postbox Launch

The blog may have been a little quiet recently, but that’s partly because we’ve been working on May’s first big reveal – the launch of Postbox’s new site.

If you’ve got 100+ unread emails in your inbox right now then you already understand the problem that Postbox was designed to solve – managing your inbox becomes a job in itself. Since its announcement at 2008’s TechCrunch50 Postbox has been helping to improve people’s workday by making simple changes to the way they manage their email, so that they can spend more time on the important things. Naturally though, they needed a site that matches the simplicity and efficiency of the application itself.


Unique icons help to convey the problems people encounter with emails every single day

The new site is lighter, brighter, and more intuitive than ever, focussing on the benefits Postbox brings rather than just its list of features. We transformed the look with beautiful illustrations, an elegant new logo design, and graphics that draw the visitor into Postbox’s world.

Illustrated screenshots of the app help explain the product to its target audience

The site was developed using Craft CMS for its flexibility and a custom Laravel order system to support the Stripe powered shop.

A full featured shop powered by Stripe

In the coming weeks we’ll be focussing more deeply on the design and development of the project in a pair of in-depth articles, but for now you can visit the new site.