Celebrating success: Another client joins Dropbox

Here at Big Bite we’ve celebrated plenty of our own successes, but one of the best parts of being part of a broader digital community is that we get to celebrate the success of others too.

January saw a lot of big digital stories but there’s one in particular that has been featured heavily, from The Guardian to the Wall Street Journal, Techcrunch to Wired, tech blogs to the Twitterverse. But just in case you haven’t already heard, we’re pleased to announce that our client and friends over at CloudOn have recently been acquired by Dropbox, and will be joining the Dropbox team as it expands its international operations with an office in Israel.

Whilst CloudOn is in fact the second of our clients to be acquired by Dropbox (PiCloud joined them back in November 2013), we can’t think of another company whose hard work and talent could be more deserving of this chance to continue to change how people work. When they approached us to redesign their site for the new CloudOn app, back in 2014, we knew that they were a company destined for big things. What we couldn’t have known was that less than 3 months after we launched their new site, they’d be announcing the exciting news that they’re joining the best-known cloud storage company on the planet. At the time we were just thrilled to be creating a new look for their already successful and intuitive document editor.

Everyone at CloudOn was an absolute joy to work with and we’re honoured to have been even a small part of the story of their success, from their initial work with Microsoft Office to creating their own powerful web-based document editor, and now all the new challenges and opportunities that await them in the future as part of the Dropbox team.

At a time when we’re thinking about how Big Bite Creative can continue to change and evolve, it’s fantastic to watch the dramatic evolution of a company and team that we admire and have loved working with.

From everyone here at Big Bite Creative,

Congratulations guys!