Creating a new site worthy of the Remodelista and Gardenista name.

Elevating the form and function of the definitive home design sourcebook

Remodelista is the ultimate source of inspiration for people planning a home renovation or interiors project, and is read by millions of people across the world, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Diane Keaton and Julianne Moore. The New York based company approached Big Bite to redesign and redevelop both its main site and sister site – Gardenista – to improve its publishing process, elevate its user experience, and ensure that its online aesthetic reflects the brand’s impeccable design sensibilities.

Easy content contribution

When it was first launched as a design blog back in 2007, all of Remodelista’s content was initially created by the four friends who founded it, however due to its global success and strategic growth it now has a much larger editorial team and a worldwide network of regular contributors. To enable its cohort of expert writers and editors to more easily create new content and make changes across multiple areas of the sites, we rebuilt Remodelista and Gardenista on a WordPress multi-site foundation. We also overhauled its admin panel to enable contributors to quickly add additional columns, filters and other features on content pages, giving them more control than ever before.

Enhanced user journey

Both the Remodelista and Gardenista sites feature a rich library of informative articles including over 10,000 blog posts plus 101 guides, curated product catalogs, house tours and destination guides. To enable its users to easily navigate their way through such an impressive collection of content, we built the new sites with a simplified menu system, a persistent header, and an intelligent search feature that quickly generates relevant results within a neat overlay. We also developed integrated product links allowing users to jump straight from a photo or article to the listing of an item they’re interested in. 

Interactive resources

As the authority on interior design, Remodelista also provides useful directories for its readers including Find a Firm – a select list of architects, interior designers and furniture designers, and Design Travel – a guide that highlights notable hotels, restaurants and other design-oriented highlights from across the world. We incorporated these resources into the brand’s new WordPress sites, and have enabled users to easily find suppliers or design destinations nearest to them via geographical filters and an interactive travel map. 

Elegant design

Good design should never get in the way of a website’s purpose, and we used our UX expertise and vast experience of the WordPress platform to lessen the cognitive load of the Remodelista and Gardenista sites by avoiding visual clutter. We also worked closely with the Remodelista team to ensure that the new sites are true to the brand’s crisp and minimalist signature style – click here to see the results.