Big Up Tees Valley: Tees Valley is a platform to global growth

I was recently invited to speak at Big Up Tees Valley, an event to help celebrate Tees Valley businesses moving forward in the economic upturn.

The event based at Thirteen, Hudson Quay, drew in over 150 delegates, all passionate about doing business in the local area.

Media attention is constantly describing the region as desolate and a recent remark compared the area to Britain’s Detroit, however people are consistently forgetting the digital ecosystem developing here in the North East.  A digital economy that is now worth £174 million.  In fact, we have recently been recognised as one of the largest Tech Clusters outside of London.

Since the first Boho building built ‘over the border’ 5 years ago, cluster development is now regenerating an area which was originally fraught with heavy industry and shady nightlife.  The flagship Boho One Building was opened in May 2009, through the Digital City project, and most recently private investors have constructed Boho 4 and 6.  All of which have been created to house the growing tech and creative community.

I particularly spoke about some of the great companies that are part of this ecosystem, many of which are trading successfully exporting and trading internationally.  With the confidence of companies in the North East, and with the great support from UKTI, people are no longer seeing the constraints of geographical location. Being in the North East gives organisations a competitive advantage, and as a collective we are hitting key digital markets including San Francisco, Dubai and Singapore.

As opposed to The Tees Valley being a declining area with limited contribution to economic growth, lets consider The Tees Valley as a platform for global growth.

Lets all Big Up The Tees Valley together, and shout about what we have here #BigUpTV

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