Gutenberg for Enterprise: a webinar with WordPress VIP

Our latest webinar explores the advantages of the WordPress block editor and highlights how it can accelerate content creation.


The new block editor, known as Gutenberg, is the biggest change to WordPress in over 15 years. It introduces a brand new editorial interface designed to help cross-functional teams publish content better, faster, and leaner than ever before. Yet despite the positive impact it has had on the platform and the community, few enterprises have realised the full extent of its capabilities.

We’ve already launched a number of successful projects on Gutenberg, including our work for News Corp and Octopus Group, and we wanted to share some of our Gutenberg knowledge and experiences with the WordPress community, so we teamed up with WordPress VIP to deliver the Gutenberg for Enterprise webinar recently.

The webinar covers various aspects of the new editor and shows developers, marketers, project managers and content creators how custom blocks can componentise a design system to streamline workflows and increase production with no additional burden on tech resources. The webinar also gives listeners the chance to learn the capabilities of the new WordPress block editor, view examples of custom publishing workflows that boost efficiency and discover how custom blocks could improve your organisation’s production capacity.

If you missed it, you can catch up with a recording of the webinar on Vimeo today:

We’d love to hear any feedback you may have on the webinar, as well as suggestions for future potential webinars too, so if you’d like yo get in touch, you can do so via our contact page.

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